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June 20, 2011 Wow, this radio website is great. Goes on forever and the memories are infinite. Found this site on a Google search and really got lucky. Nice to remember how good things were in Brockton,. I remembered that “Beep” Juice commercial, when I was a kid. Loved it. B.B.B.

Ward 2, MA

June 20, 2011 Just found this site.and really loved hearing on the “Brockton” link, old WBET commercials plus stories of New England radio history and a rare “Doc” Jones interview. Tom Manahan

Brockton, MA

June 10, 2011 I remember Jack Raymond very well. We had some fun times in Boston while attending Emerson College and JR helped me get my first radio gig at WBET in Brockton. I spent 20 years in radio, 12 of them as program and music director of WFTL (Fort Lauderdale) here in Florida. Got tired of format changes and ownership upheavals. Now work in higher education. Mike Roberts

St. Petersburg, FL

May 28, 2011  Grew up in Dorchester listening to Color Channel 1510. Fenway (Ed Hider) was the most entertaining disk jockey I ever had the pleasure of listening to.

His characters (Bruno, Blanche Tangent, etc.), drop ins, songs, silly comments caused me to want to hear more from Fenway and less music. When I was asked, “Did you Fenway it this morning?” I could honestly say “yes”. His talents were wasted on WCOP. Also have fond memories of Jerry Williams, Mel Miller, Melvin (JJ Jeffrey), Bob Janes news and Jim MacKrell who later became a game show host on “Celebrity Sweepstakes”. Thanks for “jogging” the good memories again.

Steve Samuels

The Villages, FLA

May 14, 2011 Here are some of the talents I recall who Jack Raymond worked with. Mike Ivers (WMJI) Cleveland), Jack Popejoy (KNX Los Angeles) Jim Conlee (KTNQ Los Angeles), Lisa Mullins (PRI The World), Gina Cervetti (Bloomberg Radio) T.A.

Attleboro, MA

April 22, 2011 I recall Jack Raymond as being a comedy writer who owned service called, “The Funny Business”. I once subscribed to it while working at KLZ in Denver.

Lots of “so bad they were funny jokes” and pre-recorded voice tracks.

Joe J. Ogden, Utah
March 10, 2011 Met Jack once on a tour of the building. Nice guy. Obviously, ate, slept and lived radio. B.T.

Manchester, NH

Feb 17, 2011 I don’t think Jack’s show or the station was ever given enough credit from the 60’s through the 90’s. Jack Raymond – the very talented Program Director who won awards as the “Personality of the Year” in both Billboard and the Gavin Report several years. He also spent some time at WORC, WMEX, WICE and talk radio in Hartford. Also wrote comedy bits for other djs and Jay Leno and Johnny Carson. Y.B.

Lunenburg, MA

Dec 10, 2010 Wish I’d been able to hear Jack back in the “the day”.

Anybody got any old checks?

Anyway, WEIM was a great station and place. Jack was only on 2 hours a day. If I remember correctly his show was filled with more comedy, liners, bits, phones etc. than is crammed into a week nowadays. Also a great guy to work for I’m told.


Hartford, CT.

Sep 30, 2010 Besides listening to Jack on the radio what sticks out in my mind is stopping at Lum’s in Worcester on the way home. Hot Dogs steamed in beer. I remember a Mike Fortier was a news director for a while and I enjoyed listening to the Red Sox tuning in on on travels up Route 2. T.V.

Elmira, N.Y.

July 19, 2010 Just found Jack Raymond Radio.Com. Really enjoy listening, reading and talking about radio in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The “Heroes” page contains 2 of my 4 favorite radio personalities, Ed Hider and Jess Cain, Jess was clever and Ed Hider’s humor like Bruce Bradley’s and Norm Nathan’s was silliness at it’s best. I never had any association with radio. I spent all my career in the life insurance business in Boston until retiring to Florida in the last decade. I do a lot more reading since we moved here. Not much on the radio. S.P.

Orlando, FLA

May 27, 2010 Jack Raymond had one of the best stockpiles of one liners/drops in the business. Some really funny stuff.

Does anyone know if he had those voices recorded custom for his program?

M.B. Springfield, MA
March 10, 2010 Jack was brilliant, remember those were the days before touch screen studios…all his bits were carted up and the show prep was amazing. Jack hired me to do a Sunday evening program back in the 80’s. Great experience on a real fun station. But the days of music formats on AM were fading. I understand his station now has different call letters. It was a heritage station and Jack was a huge talent. Thanks Jack for the opportunity. Radio has been my livelihood for 25 years, although no longer behind the mike. C.C

Cape Cod, MA

Jan 21, 2010 Just Googled this site and love it. I may be wrong but program director Jack Raymond was with the Knight Group during their heyday. He spent more than 31 years on the air at one station. Does anyone in New England come close to that?

Jack, now retired, is a tremendously talented guy who decided early on to make his career in medium market radio rather than play musical chairs in the majors.

He had many offers to get to large markets but chose to stay at WEIM. Instead, he mentored a lot of talent through the years, including many who did well.


Worcester, MA

Dec 10, 2009 Hey Jack, a mutual friend recently sent me the link to your home page. Read through your accomplishments with a combination of nostalgia and awe. It seems, to a point, our professional radio careers are mirror images. My stint at WIDE (Biddeford/Saco), started in Feb. 1961. I did the late night shift in a studio which shared the top floor of a furniture company on Main Street In ’62 I became “Jerry Jay” at WJAB (The Punch in Greater Portland). Our studios were in Westbrook with a satellite in the main street in Portland. I was working with Arnie Ginsberg (as his newsman) when he triple-played The Marcel’s’ hit.”Doc” Jones was a living legend in Brockton. The “Enterprise” owned the city until the upstarts from Springfield dared open another radio station. In retrospect, I wouldn’t change a minute of it. To be a part of the medium when radio was still an open forum and personalities were judged on their ability to perform was a true blessing.We paid our dues and somehow, it worked! Looking forward to the WIDE-WOKW Reunion! J.C.
June 10, 2009 Jack had the pleasure of working with ME many times as I am his  hero and he’s mine. I hope to work with Jack again as soon as he can make me an offer that I can’t refuse. J.S.

Providence, RI

April 22, 2009 JR’s a Good Radio Guy!! The Heroes page brought back great memories of Ed Hider.I was humming Ed Hider’s closing theme on 1010 WINS! (He, of course, sang the tune.) I’ll be returning for more!Action Central…. T.M.


Feb 2, 2009 In the late 70’s, I managed a baseball farm team in Central Ma for 8-12 year olds. I heard a radio dj referring to my hometown as “Loveable Lunenburg”. My family and I really got a kick out of the name. So I used the phrase on our team jerseys.Years later, my son and I met Jack at a personal appearance in Lunenburg. My son was was wearing a team shirt with the logo. Now with the world wide web, everyone knows about “Loveable Lunenburg”. T.S.

Lunenburg, MA

Jan 19, 2008 Back in the early 80’s, my family visited Long Beach, CA every Summer because my brother lived out there. One particular year we were listening to KMPC Radio in Hollywood and I jumped off my seat when DJ Jeff Edwards (also a TV game show host) introduced his in studio guest Jack Raymond from Massachusetts. I couldn’t wait to get home and find out if it was the same person. Jack took my call and it was him. Before the web, the world was a lot larger so this is a real kick. And now I know what Jack looks like. Art,

Westminster, MA

Nov 6, 2008 I went to Emerson College with Jack Raymond in 1964 and when I saw how talented he was and how driven he was to be a success in radio, I knew I was no match for him and gave up my radio dreams. When I finally got to work in radio 20 years later, I remembered all that I had learned from Jack and and used it in my own career. The fact that I was not as successful only shows how talented Jack really was!!! A.M.

Deerfield, MA

Oct 10, 2008 I went to high school with Jack and remember how funny he was in Social Studies. He wanted to be in radio then and it’s great to see how much success he’s had. Loved the early 60’s and the music. Funny guy, great times. Dave,

West Bridgewater

Sep 11, 2008 Here in Montreal, radio is only a hobby. I was fascinated by your website, especially because of the fact that you once worked at WIDE and WJAB, two stations I listened to during vacations spent in Old Orchard Beach. Incidentally, I enjoyed the phone riddles…they remind me so much of WKBW in the 60s.

I was a big fan of Joey Reynolds back in the days when he worked at “KB”; the station was easily heard in Quebec and there was never a dull moment . Your Joey Reynolds radio recording featured on the HEROES page was right at the time I was a steady listener. Obviously, I was very impressed to read that you once worked with him!

Again, congrats on your tribute to radio and all the elements that made listening so exciting through the years.


Montreal, Canada

July 22, 2008 I remember Jack’s Program very well because I drove the Mass Pike 3 times a week and the music was really well programmed. His interviews with people like Joey Reynolds, Stan Freberg, Dick Cavett and others were my favorite parts of my car trip.

Almost drove off the road when he broke up Stan Freberg live on the air. First heard Jack in the mid-60’s on a South Shore station called, WOKW. He played the hits, such as “Sugartown” by Nancy and Frank Sinatra, “Winchester Cathedral” (which he sang with) and the Buckinghams, “Hey Baby, They’re Playing Our Song”. I seem to remember hearing a voice created by the Old Philosopher on his show but don’t remember the line except it was funny.


Quincy, MA

July 20, 2008 I loved the JR Show but no air checks around that I’ve found.

Anyway, his program was fantastic. He was only on 2 – 3 hours during late morning but the program was filled with comedy voices, crazy sound effects, bits, phones. Humor between every song. I had never heard anything like it until I caught the Jess Cain Show in the 80’s. Jess tended to be more subtle with his humor and Jack’s was pure slapstick.


New Bedford, MA

July 15, 2008 About 25 years ago, my father used to listen to the “Award Losing Jack Raymond Show” during his commute from Vermont to Concord, MA. I remember growing up with Dad’s comic rebuttal of Carl LaFong (Big L, little a, Big F…) and his secretary Yedda Gingle! Great times, lots of laughs. Matt,

Colchester, VT

July 15, 2008 Heard Jack on WORC in Worcester in the late 60’s playing Oldies every night around supper time. Best part of the show was when he read requests from inmates around the corner at the Summer Street House of Correction. They always seemed to write in for, “Jail House Rock” by Elvis. Mary,

Green Hill

July 14, 2008 In the mid-60’s, there weren’t many stations playing all the rock n’roll songs. In eastern Massachusetts there were: WMEX, WBZ, WLLH and WSAR Radio. I heard Jack on WSAR  in Dorchester because his station played songs that I didn’t hear in Boston. The Cowsills, Question Mark (Do Something to Me), Bobby Vee  “Beautiful People” and many I’ve forgotten. I later attended Univ of Southern MA and saw Jack MC the Barbarians – Vanilla Fudge Concert. Kids went crazy hearing, “Are You A Boy?” Ralph,


July 13, 2008 I recall tuning in the Jack Raymond Show and hearing some really silly voices, crazy sound effects and lots of pop music (Carpenters, Andy Kim, Melissa Manchester). He played thousands of funny telephone jokes. A guy phoned in a dumb question and someone gave a silly answer. (Where were the first donuts made? In Grease). On the same station one Saturday morning, I clearly remember hearing (for the first time) Casey Kasem counting down American Top Forty. It was so fun and suspenseful, in a corny way; I became hooked for years. It was December 1976 and the #1 song that week was “Weekend In New England” by Barry Manilow, a cheesy song that still brings a smile to my face and I crank it up when I hear it! I’m now a singer in New York City. Kevin,


August 10, 2008 Oh my God…it’s one amazing site. I almost hit the floor (on the 90’s Page) reading “DeSuze woke up one morning to find dust in his mouth”. Dick S.,

Philly, PA