The Cool, Long Hair 1960’s was the decade of YOUTH, when 60 million children became teenagers. It gave us Chubby Checker, American Bandstand, President Kennedy, Fred Flintstone, Mashed Potatoes, Rocky & Bullwinkle and AM Top-40 Radio. It was a great time to be in radio plus there was great music to grow up with. We all grew up together. When I got into radio in 1964, “The Four Seasons”, “The Beach Boys” and the “Beatles” were all battling for No. #1. The Beatles won but to this day, “God Only Knows” is my all time favor-right song.

Here are some of the All-Time Great Radio Events of the ‘60’s…

  • 5/25/60 The Hollywood Argyles announce “Alley Oop” actually means your grandmother sits in wet cement.

  • 10/4/62 “Big Bad John” hits No. #1 on WCOP’s Ed Mitchell Show and he announces the song is actually about a dirty, old 2-story outhouse on the out skirts of Everett.

  • 5/10/63 WKBW’s Joey Reynolds premiers Leslie Gore’s “It’s My Party” by playing it twice each hour on his 5-hour radio program.

  • 8/19/64 “Truth in Advertising Day” is postponed until 2010 in East Nostril, Texas.

  • 4/9/61 WMEX’s Arnie “Woo Woo” Ginsburg spins The Marcel’s, “Blue Moon” 3 times in a row on his Night Train Show just because it is Wednesday.

  • 9/2/64 Jack Raymond hits the air for the first time on WBET Radio having already tried Atomic Physicist and night manager at Burger King.

  • 1/9/69 KDAY’s Ed Hider begins celebrity renting in Hollywood on North Orange Avenue. His neighbor across the hall is Dennis Hopper and one floor below, Edward G. Robinson Jr.

  • 5/11/69 WORC’s John (Garabedian) Gardner leaves WORC Radio for the 5th and final time and discovers Vermont in his brand new Pontiac GTO.

Those are just some of the events that happened in the 1990’s and we all know it’s the truth, now don’t we?