The SUAVE, SEMI-REAL 1970’s was called the Disco Decade that let us go to “FM” while slipping into a pair of BELL BOTTOMS. It was the decade that brought us QUEEN, BOSTON, YES, AC/DC plus PINK FLOYD, LED ZEPPELIN, LYNYRD SKYNYRD and ZZ TOP. However, the largest selling artists were Billy Joel and Elton John. The 70’s moved America from social activism to personal pleasure and it’s still referred to as the ME DECADE.

Here are some of the All-Time Great Radio Moments of the 70’s…

  • 3/19/70 Mel Miller (the little old man from Framingham) hangs up his WMEX “Good Guy” headphones for good and moves to CBS’s WEEI-AM as program director.

  • 1/2/71 Jim Conlee begins a 2nd year in his hometown on Pittsburgh’s WIXZ Radio working for one of his early radio heroes, Chuck Dunaway.

  • 6/10/73 “Fat Free” Snake Bit Serum goes on sale at all Piggley, Wiggley Markets.

  • 5/14/74 WVBF’s Ron Robin premier’s “Get It On” by Chase

  • 9/12/75 WNEB’s Jeff Starr begins selling the world’s first de-hydrated ice cubes (just add water).

  • 2/17/76 Boston’s Tom Sholz receives the World’s First B-3 Organ Transplant.

  • 3/17/ 77 The Annual Incontinent Dog Breeder’s Convention held in the main lobby of Leominster, Massachusetts Holiday Inn.

  • 9/9/78 WRKO’s Charlie & Harrigan Show broadcasts live from a leper colony and ratings fall off.

That is just some of what happened on the radio in the 70’s and we all know it’s the truth, now don’t we.

Click START AUDIO below and hear ROCKAPELLA (Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?) singing near the Nashua River.