Welcome to the Flush and Smooth 1990’s. The decade that brought America the; Spice Girls, Kylie Minogue and Bum Bags. It’s was the decade to wear flannel shirts, Will Smith was still a Fresh Prince in Bel-Air and Madonna introduced a dance called, “VOGUE”. Many witnessed the Hammer-Vanilla Ice duel and met the Ninja Turtles. In the 90’s, pop music officially went all “Electronic” and Moby made his money with it. So, “Pump Up The Jam” and eyeball the stars heard on the radio below during the “Golden 90’s.

Here are some of the All-Time Great Radio Events of the 90’s…

  • 11/2/90 WJBQ’s Chuck “The Mover” Morgan hosts the 3rd Annual Obituary Writer’s Conference at Portland’s Ramada Inn off Congress Street.

  • 2/10/91 WHDH’s Morning Legend, Jess Cain signs off after 34 years and retires to his Back Bay, Beacon Street Condo and artist wife Jean.

  • 2/16/92 “Outback Steakhouse” begins producing Aussie Radio Commercials but abandons plans for “Porter HUT” steaks for people who find a Porter HOUSE Steaks to large to eat.

  • 4/10/94 The Last Annual Ed Nestor “Bikini S.A.T. Exam” is held at Hooter’s in Boston. (The only Exam where a “D” trumps an “A”).

  • 2/17/96 Joey Reynolds, WOR’s over night talk jockey, gets his ego puffed when his program goes Coast-to-Coast.

  • 4/17/97 WBZ’s Morning Man Carl DeSuze (1941-1985) turns 83 and wakes and finds DUST
    in his mouth.

  • 6/28/98 Soupy Sales kicks off the “Big Apple Dry Ice Sculpturing Competition” in Central

  • 12/23/99 Radio remembers, “Under Privileged Billionaire’s Day” inviting listeners to send
    sympathy e-mails to Bill Gates.

Those are just some of the events that happened in the 1990’s and we all know it’s the truth, now don’t we?

JR’s Retro-Do-Wop 90’s Theme Song by the Wrenditions