The TOTALLY AWESOME 1980’s gave us the ME GENERATION or as Tom Wolfe coined it, “The Splurge Generation”. It was the beginning of the end of the middle class. Hostile takeovers, leveraged buyouts and mega mergers created America’s new breed of wealth: the billionaire. Rich and Famous Donald Trump and Leona Helmsley became celebrities. A family of four lived comfortably on $15,000 a year and in the U.S.A., a new Mercedes cost only $14,000.

Michael Jackson became a Thrilling “Moon Walker”, ET phoned home, the Berlin Wall came tumbling down while camcorders, minivans and talk shows were all the rage. After 1982, 8-Track tapes and vinyl records faded from the scene.

Here are some of the All-Time Great Radio Events of the 80’s…

  • 4/10/82 WBLM’s J.J. Jeffrey interviews the inventor of “Low-Cal”
    Snakebite Serum.

  • 5/27/83 Shower curtains invented for wealthy but shy birdbath owners.

  • 11/27/85 Don (I-MAN) Imus hires 4 illegals to clean his Mexico City home, 4 unemployed maids from Greenwich, Connecticut.

  • 6/10/86 Andy of Mayberry catches his first Greedy Suck Fish.

  • 9/12/75 WNEB’s Jeff Starr begins selling the world’s first de-hydrated ice cubes (just add water).

  • 4/6/87 WMJC’s legendary Detroit Personality Tommy Shannon interviews Parisian Gullotine operator charged with neckless endangerment.

  • 12/14/88 San Francisco’s Height/Ashbury begins “Swish Fish or Gay Filet Festival”.

  • 11/10/88 KMPC’s Joey Reynolds broadcast from his Root Canal operation and later at the funeral for his dead tooth.

  • 2/17/89 During the Writer’s Strike, Hollywood joke smith, Ron Landry teams up with comedian John Byner’s brother and records a comedy album featuring, “SNITS”.

Those are just some of the events that happened on the radio in the 80’s and we all know it’s the truth now don’t we?