We have received many iPhone X Texts and hundreds of IPhone e-mails about the Jack Raymond Radio Production Crew BUT we’re going to tell you about them anyway.

Sadie Ginkle


SADIE GINKLE’s wealthy parents once bought her a tri-level snow cone, a triple-decker hot dog and a bowl of split pea soup in just one afternoon. Unfortunately, that same day someone stole the top of her head and she has since replaced it with a bird’s nest as seen above. Ms. Ginkle always walks backwards. This is so when she wants to leave a room, she just walks forward. Sadie spends her weekends Art modeling but only if Art’s wife is out of town.

Eggbert Snivel


Sound Effects Wizard EGGBERT C. SNIVEL’S favorite movie is, “SPONGE BOB, FIRST BLOOD”! Egg spends his free time relaxing by taking off his frock and diving head first into a big bowl of Wendy’s Chili. As you can see above, Mr. Snivel often enjoys walking around town with his hands facing up. He picked up this habit while working at the now defunct “Beg For Mercy Hospital” where he made history performing the world’s first boil transplant.

Philo Milo


Switchboard operator MRS. PHILO MILO is actually a graduate of the Oklahoma Institute for the Weird. Mrs. Milo only allows photos taken of her from a distance because she suffers from varicose ears and buck lips but not necessarily in that order.

Wanda Round


Cleaning Lady, BETTY-SUE WANDA ROUND is the proud proprietor of the BETTY-SUE WANDA ROUND CHEWING GUM JUNK SHOP” (very clever name). She also owns the worlds silliest store front sign. Ms. Wanda Round began her show biz career working as a slow dancer in a fast food restaurant. She recently became a part time attendant at a combination elephant bath-house and steam salon. Betty-Sue’s honest and has never taken a single steam bath without permission and always returns them when she’s done. Betty-Sue is a truly remarkable but bad dancer. Sue is seen above at 11. At Midnight, Betty was still standing in the same spot.

Ed Smythe


Music librarian, EDDIE “SNEAKERS” SMYTHE is the only member of the Symthe Clan who lives in a small mining town next to Beverly Hills. “Sneakers” was born in a trunk. No, his parents weren’t actors. They were car thieves. His life long ambition is to become a staff dancer on Meet the Press. Eddie’s successfully lead a safari of Playboy Bunnies through Tom  Selleck’s back hair. Mr. Symthe is seen above facing his biggest challenge. He’s trying to get rid of a rare “stripped skin” condition which he caught while dancing cheek-to-cheek with a Zebra.  His outfit makes “Halloween 6” look like, “Halloween 2”.

Smiley Q. Guy


Elevator operator, Smiley Q. Guy’s the only living cousin on his mother’s left side. For years, he kept smiling until someone removed the sideway banana from his mouth. He also wears 2 more  bananas sideways on his knees. Mr. Guy’s a seasoned professional in fly swatter testing and design. He’s hoping to realize his life long dream, selling bon fires door-to-door.

Left Over Sound Effects From JR’s Last Show