Beginning in 1964, he appeared on 11 different New England radio stations. WBET and WOKW in Brockton, WIDE Old Orchard Beach, WSAR Fall River, WJAB & WLOB Portland, WMEX Boston, WICE Providence and WINF Hartford before he settled down in Central Massachusetts where he’s been heard on WEIM, WAAB, WAAF, WGAW, WXLO & WORC Radio. Jack’s been a Top-40 DJ, Program Director, Country DJ, Sports Announcer, Telephone Talk Show Host, Music Director, Comedy Writer, salesman and oldies personality. After 6 years of moving around to many unstable jobs, he got lucky and remained at one radio station for 31 years. Jack says, “I got a great tip early in my career”. A very prominent broadcaster told him, “It’s real important to receive a check every week especially if you like to eat”.

It was a great piece of advice. Today, Jack is in a great position compared to many of his friends who earned incredible amounts of money. They were often unemployed and sometimes times for years so their money was eaten up during those dry spells. Jack believes,”whenever you take a job for the money, it’s always for the wrong reason”. The best path in life is to follow is your passion. It’s never too late to be the person you could have been.  So far in his career, J.R. has had the privilege of working with lots of talented radio people several of whom ended up on network radio & television. People such as “Doc” Jones, Norman Knight, Bob DeCarlo, Frank Filippone, Rick Snyder, Mike Ivers, Chris Sennett, Dave Hammond, Jerry Clark, Bob Cohen, Mike O’Neil, Warren Duffy, John Garabedian, Fred Lowery, Joe Martelle, Jack Popejoy, B.J. Dean, Bob Breyer, Jim Conlee, Mark Parenteau, Joey Reynolds, Ray Chalifoux, Gary Berkowitz, Chuck Morgan, Barry Lunderville, Jeff Starr and Rick Williams to name a few. Many of his managers encouraged radio performers to develop their personality. Now in his late earlies, Jack never dreamed he’d be selected one of the America’s Top 15 Radio Personalities or get the chance to write comedy for some of his childhood heroes, but it happened.

Jack doesn’t listen to a lot of media today but occasionally hears: PBS’ Terry Gross, Car Talk, Priarie Home Companion, Wait, Wait, (Don’t Tell Me) and Don Imus interviews
(he’s back, proving you can’t keep a bad man down). JR avoids “TV News “Bunnies” but enjoys: Sirius XM Satellite Radio, Bill Maher, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Alec Baldwin’s Podcast and The Phil Hendrie Show. A  half dozen years ago, Jack rejected his radio muse and became an English teacher, developed web projects, caught up on film noir and connected with family. A few years with less commitments was a joy and today believes the media is nimble, teasing, vibrant, inescapable and irritating”. Jack still has something to say and considers his previous show biz career just a warm up for things to come. He divides his time between New England and Canada with family and radio friends. JR isn’t Hemingway but he is Ernest and says, “Things are better than ever and I’m loving every minute of it”.


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