Welcome to the Jack Raymond Radio website! Did you ever wonder about show biz? For example, has Bono ever “Found What He’s Looking For?” Can Pamela Anderson see her shoelaces? , Will Paris Hilton ever have to change a carburetor? Does General Powell still have his Colon? If you join the Hair Club for Men…I’m sure you wonder where the Hair
Club For Men meets? These questions have long troubled me.

cartoon-1But I’ve also been lucky during my show biz career. I have exclusive rights to distribute Howard Stern videos at the Vatican, I purchased the snow shovel franchise for downtown Havana and the option to open Baghdad’s first Bar mitzvah party store! Just this year, the Jack Raymond Library added an extremely rare copy of the New York Times containing an article actually checked for plagiarism! Recently while eating figs and performing the Hemlock maneuver on a loved one, I was sitting around my split-level swimming pool, when I received an IT message on my Apple iPhone from the producer of this website.

Ed Nester (Inventor of The Flying Cellphone for folks who can’t afford ON STAR) called  to tell me his masterpiece was complete. Did I mention I also own a tri-level chef, a sunken butler and a double-decker German Sheppard? The reason is, I have Attention SURPLUS Disorder. I first eyeballed this website during a visit to Ed’s mansion, “Crest Fallen Manor”. It overlooks a large loan and park bench. Ed’s the most creative guy I know. He convinced me it was all Bill Gates fault. You haven’t lived until you’ve spent a spell bound evening at Mr. Nester’s estate. Eddie’s power point presentation on, “The History of Leisure Suits” is not to be missed. He has a great memory, it belongs to wife Trixie. First, he suggested we launch a new and improved Jack Raymond Radio Show by turning off my microphone, not to mention hire funnier writers.

Of course I do have some writing credits! I started off writing menus at Denny’s… then created a Chinese waiter routine for Martha Stewart…and now have my own program on the Shopping Channel. On the program, Bikini clad blonde female models parade across the screen wearing expensive Rolexes. Viewers are invited to log on and bid on expensive timepieces. The show’s called, eBay Watches”.

JackRaymondRadio.Com is filled with old photographs rescued from the rear of dusty drawers, almost forgotten file cabinets and old wooden picture frames. The new Digital Age makes everything old, new again. And because I’m always in a retrieval mode and enjoy the past, you’ll hear and see a hundreds of tid-bits from America’s Pop Culture Past, hear audio samples of AM Top-40 Radio and lots of trivia about Brockton, Massachusetts (my hometown). Content is King.

Back in the 60’s, radio brought thousands to hear a single DJ; today our web-site (media station) brings thousands of ideas to a single person. The 20th Century was all about “hits”; the 21st Century is all about niches. The worldwide web is the new phone book and this is our Yellow Pages entry. This site is a great place to learn about personality radio and show biz in general.

It’s designed for 24/7 consumption by viewers and listeners around the world.

Radio stations come and go but websites are forever. Jack’s Blog contains digitized photos and stories from the past. Unfortunately, today the world of radio has become big, complicated and there aren’t any radio heroes at the moment.  But on our Heroes Page you can see and hear many of the all time great radio DJ’s via audio files from our collection. You can also view show biz Legends and you can see which Decade made them famous. Our offerings also include a Boomers page with pictures, names and dates. There is a Show Biz Interview featuring an audio interview so you can hear legends chat about their careers. On the Brockton pages you’ll find the content is 92 octane.

I was incredibly lucky to discover Kim Wallace Pehi @ Infinite Dezine, an artsy, craftsy web designer, who brought this website to life. Her dad, who I never met, had been a fan of my radio program. For that reason, she helped me while I endured some trying times. She’s been an absolute pleasure to work with from beginning to end. Thanks Kim.