Beginning around 1950 when local DJ’s began to rule local radio airwaves, humor services began to flourish. Many DJ’s including Gary Owens used dozens of writers including me for material. The name of my mail order service was…

For 4 decades following the 1950’s, humor on the radio was encouraged by programmers especially on morning shows. Radio talent made personal appearances, produced commercials and performed other duties. Most performers didn’t have the time or ability to come up with 300 to 400 one-liners per month so pre-written humor services were essential.

Volume 2 Jack Raymond

The Funny Business also sold completely produced comedy bits featuring voices and sound effects. As if that wasn’t enough, I wrote 2 – 100 page books of complete comedy skits for DJ’s to voice  exclusively in their market. The funny biz had hundreds of subscribers from the BBC’s late Kenny Everett in London, to Jay Thomas in New York to Rick Dees in Hollywood. Below is a portion of the Funny Business Humor Service mailer and the names some of the personalities who bought humor.