I did keep in touch with Ed Hider and Ron Landry. Ron teamed up with “Emperor” Bob Hudson in Los Angeles at KGBS and later at KFI Radio. He told me how to produce my own radio sound effects and during one trip West, Ron and I wrote a comedy skit that Bob voiced for my show. In 1996, when Hudson & Landry’s Greatest Hits was released on CD, they asked me to contribute the liner notes. Both performers have gone up to that Big CD player in the sky but their legacy and comedy lives on. All their comedy is available at: www.hudsonandlandry.com

Best of Hudson and Landry Greatest Hits CD liner notes (1996)

Best of Hudson and Landry Greatest Hits CD liner notes (1996)

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By the mid 70’s, all my radio heroes matriculated into television comedy writing. Ron Landry (Flo, Red Foxx, Alice), Ed Hider (Donnie & Marie, Captain & Tennille, Dean Martin), Bob Hudson (Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, Smothers Bros.) and Jack Burns (Fridays, Sesame Street, Andy of Mayberry). Today, I still live in New England but not in Brockton. I’m a city boy who stayed in the country too long and went “native”. I’m familiar with hills, hoedowns, hog calling and pick-up trucks. There hasn’t been a murder in town in more than a year and I’m really enjoying the pleasures of log rolling.

Jack Raymond Building Jack Raymond Pool

Jack Raymond Building over looking a pool that overlooks woods

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