Local radio was an important advertising medium. Some days WBET aired 15 minutes of commercials every hour, all day long. I vividly recall playing commercials such as:  Bob & Ray for Peel’s Beer, New England Tel & Tel, King’s Dept. Store and Metrano Chevrolet.

1964 Brockton, West & Pleasant St. looking at Moore's Paint Store where DeAngelo's Sandwich Shops began in 1967

1964 Brockton, West & Pleasant St. looking at Moore’s Paint Store where DeAngelo’s Sandwich Shops began in 1967

Click on the old radios below and hear the commercials.

Producer’s Dairy (1962) Dick Benham

Downtown (1956) Doc Jones, Dick Benham, Dorothy Dale

Bob & Ray (1964)

Westgate Mall (1963)

What I remember most about living in Plymouth County in the 50’s was violent weather.There were hurricanes in ’54, ’55, ’57 and ’58. We are repeating the same hurricane weather cycle 50 years later. On several occasions, my dad boarded up the picture windows on our 1,200 sq. foot ranch home with Taunton Lumber plywood.

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