But he was a great guy who had a presence when he entered a room. People instantly liked him and wanted to do things for him such as purchase commercials on his radio program. He received a percentage of all advertising on the “Jones Boy Show”. At the height of his popularity, there were 42 local merchants buying advertising. Of course, all this ended as the “Mom & Pop “Era” faded into our Wal-Mart World. He taught me how to be an announcer and use proper mike technique. He really shouldn’t have hired me at 18. I wasn’t that good but he was a nice guy. Brockton was one of the smallest cities he ever worked in but he stayed 32 years. Bill Paley, the man, who founded CBS Radio and Television, hired “Doc” in Los Angeles in the 1940’s.

WBET'S Arthur

WBET’S Arthur “Doc” Jones

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